Just like the oil our bottles contain, the image on their labels changes every year. In the coming years we plan to work with some well-known artists, but the illustrations on the labels adorning our first two batches of bottles were sourced in-family. A completely new look every 12 months makes each year its own and renders gift-giving a lot easier for those at a loss for ideas come Christmas time.

Marje Taska is a recognized Estonian and Swedish artist. She is well known with her graphics, paintings, installations, leather art and performances. Her latest exhibition "The Glow of a Black Hole" is about the power of life and cosmological hypothetical theory. The exhibitions main graphic features familiar characters, who you might recognise from our Casa Fontestate olive grove, such as lizards and pheasants. We are more than excited, that this piece of work also decorates our new vintage.

The artwork for this year’s bottles has its roots in Veronica’s time at the Estonian Academy of Arts. The play of light on the olive trees, with the sky in the background, adds contrast to the foliage, blending its tones with that of the heavens above. This abstract view of the trees lends the bottle as a whole a completely new look and feel.

Our first label was drawn for us by our daughter Adele, who was inspired by the views around Casa Fontestate. The golden, autumnal hues against the silver-green branches of the olive trees and the farmer towing the olives along on his tractor under the watchful eye of the pheasants and the gaze of the moon go some way to capturing the way we feel at the end of a long day tending our groves.